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These Clear Thread eyelashes have an invisible thread. This means that these doll eyelashes can be applied directly to the doll's top eyelid or in the space of a closed eyelid, with Waterproof glue that dries clear, and all you will be able to see are the lashes, not the black base thread that other eyelashes are usually tied to.
Great for sleeping thread is seen ....just the eyelashes. Much easier than hand felting them and a much nicer uniformity as real eyelashes are.

#1 is suitable for Blondes to Light Brown hair colours.

The eyelashes are 20mm long and the lashes are 6-7mm in length which makes the perfect for the reborn dolls. Not too long, so they don't look fake or spoil the look of your doll. Perfect length ! Also available in packs of TEN where you can really save !

How to apply eyelashes:
Remove the lashes from the tray by applying a bit of Acetone, Goof Off or other similar glue remover with a cotton bud and remove all of the packing glue from the lashes, they are easier to handle and lay flatter when the packing glue is removed. Once clean measure the length of the eyelash against the eye and cut from the outer end of the lash to fit if need be. Lay down a fine line of Waterproof Glue with the Glue Applicator Bottle With Fine Metal Tip where the eyelash is going to lay and place the eyelash into the glue and position correctly. Applicator bottle with extra fine tip is available separately.It makes attaching the lashes so much easier. Otherwise place a bead of the glue on your work space and using a pair of tweezers run the thread line of the eyelashes across it to give it a coat of glue along the base thread and then position.
Let the glue dry a little and get tacky before placement so the lashes hold in place better without flipping back off.