Felt Square A4 Sheet Size. BROWN


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The brown felt is used to place behind the open nostrils so that it creates a shadow and stop things going in and to hide the stuffing.

You can use the felt to seal the arm and leg holes instead of plugs by cutting a square, big enough to cover the top of the limb, and use a solvent based glue to adhere it to the opening. Once the glue has dried you can trim the felt around the edges of the limb so that the felt forms just a circle over the top of the limb.

Hand drill holes into the nostrils of your doll ( or use your craft knife scalpel ) and smooth over any rough edges. Cut a piece of Brown Felt big enough to cover the holes in a teardrop shape and glue the piece on the inside of the head behind those holes with the point of the teardrop pointing up between the eyes.
That gives a nice shadow and the appearance of depth.
Also stops anything getting in or stuffing showing.
Use a suitable size drill bit for drilling the holes and wrap a few rubber bands around the top of the drill bit to give you a good grip for when you are turning the drill bit.
Smooth out any rough edges with your Craft Knife.
Use a solvent based glue to adhere the felt into place.
You may need a pair of Long Reach Tweezers or Forceps to help place the felt inside the head.