White Nail Tip Pen

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Great for painting on the white tip for finger nails and toe nails.
Paint the nail as desired then run a thin line right on the edge of the finger nail.
Use a cotton bud to remove any ink if you go off the nail.
Paint over with three thin coats of Matte, Satin or Gloss Outdoor Sealer depending on the amount of shine you desire.
If you find the pen a bit too white, you can also use an off-white sort of colour Acrylic Paint instead using a very fine Soft Round Brush.
Mix the Acrylic Paint with a little water to get a sharper line.
You can also just use the Genesis Heat Set Paint, depending on the colouring of your dolls skin colour the Flesh colours might blend in nicer than the stark white.
Or use the special ready mixed Nail Tip colour Manicure White.