Application Bottle With Metal Ultra Fine Tip


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Perfect to fill with your favourite Glue, Dimensional Magic etc. to gain more control in the application process of liquids.
The soft plastic, easy to squeeze bottle comes with a built in plastic nozzle that you attach the Ultra Fine Metal Tip to that comes with it for even more control.
Comes with stainless steel pin for cleaning.
Use it to apply glue whilst adhering eyelashes, applying Dimensional Magic to eyes for a wet look etc.

1. Use only a rustproof or stainless steel pin as a plug when not in use. Pin can also be used to help clean the metal tip.
2. Before using for your project, place a damp sponge or wet paper towel in a small container, then place the bottle tipped upside down in the container whilst working with it.
This will prevent the medium from drying out in the tip.