Heat Tool Gun For Drying and Setting All Paints "Just 3 Left"


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You can use this heat tool to set the Genesis Heat Set Paints or to dry your Air Dry Paints quicker.

Handy and convenient to use straight from your work bench without having to go to the oven constantly.

Turn on the heat tool from the switch at the end and wave it over the wet paint around 15cm from the piece. You will see the shine go off the wet paint and it will then have a matte appearance. It only takes a short time. Don't over heat as that is when your vinyl can go shiny.

It is especially great to use for when you are doing small areas like veins, eyebrows, blushing, touch ups etc. and you won't have to bake all the pieces.

I like to bake my pieces in the oven once all my painting is finished just to make sure I have set all the areas completely.

Best to bake the pieces once you do the Matte Varnish in the oven as that needs a good heat for the full 10 minutes.

It has a folding stand to keep the tip off your work surface and a protective plastic heat shield around the metal tip so you don't get burnt. The air from this gun is really hot so do be careful.

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