10 PAIRS x Reborn Doll 925 Silver Stud Earrings "COLOURED" 2mm


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This sale is for " TEN PAIRS" of tiny little stud earrings with backings suitable for Reborn Dolls.

Very pretty and dainty. Nine colours. 2 Clear, then nine assorted colours.

The little coloured rhinestone measures only 3mm across which is just perfect for the dolls.

Ten pairs in all. All with rubber backings.

They all come complete with there little rubber backing locks so if you were to use them in Human ears you can secure them just fine. They are 925 Sterling Silver so they can be used for Human ears also.

To use them on the Reborn Baby Dolls just use a felting needle, kept aside for this purpose only, and heat it over a flame, quickly wipe off any soot, then deeply insert the hot needle where you want the earring to be. Just pull out the needle and push in the stud earring. The earring will hold tight in the ear lobe. Leave them like that if you are wanting to change the colours. If you want them to stay in permanently just put a touch of 450 Glue on the back to hold them in permanently.