Beautiful Mohair 15grams (1/2 Ounce) DARK BROWN


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This hair is soft, shiny and fine. It has been sorted, brushed and bundled for easier use. Excellent quality. 15grams (which is the old 1/2 Ounce).

As you can see by the picture it is quite fine. You will get more than one doll out of this bundle.
It is very hard to see the true colour on monitors .

On average I use 2-5grams per head. Great value !

Don't forget that you can use more than one colour at a time to root the head so that you get some nice high and low lights to make the hair look more natural and alive. One colour on it's own may look just not right but when mixed with another colour that looks just not right on it's own look great and natural when used together. Give it a try.

You will receive one 15 gram (1/2 Ounce) bundle of the colour DARK BROWN.