TEN SETS - Body Joints 35mm - Consists of 4 Pieces per Joint


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You are buying TEN SETS of 35 mm Body joints.
There are four pieces to each body joint set.
They are: the post, 2 discs and the locking disc .
This sale is for FIVE SETS of those four pieces.

These joints are strong and secure so that you can use them with confidence. They are different to the usual 3 piece sets in the way that they allow for more movement and have a shorter stem so it is not felt as much as the longer unused part of the usual stem.
These joints have a shorter post so it won't get in the way when
stuffing the dolls body, and you don't feel them when the doll is picked
up under the arms.
You create a good gap for where the fabric sits between the two flat discs.
To make a doll body complete you will need 4 sets in all ,usually two sizes. Two smaller sets, one set for each arm, and two larger sets,one set for each leg
If the limbs tend to hang out too far from the body it is because the
joint used is too small for that size body. Use a bigger joint to hold
the limb closer to the body.
That all depends on the size of the fabric cap and where the joint hole is placed.
The bigger amounts bought in bulk, the bigger the savings.