Qbonecas Magazine Issue #2. Includes Postage for Australia Only


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QBonecas Magazine -Issue #2

Cover – Reborn baby doll by Celine Boiron

• This is the Second Edition of bi-lingual (English and Brazilian Portuguese) Brazilian magazine "Qbonecas". Produced in the U.S.A with a global audience.
• Qbonecas Reborn Doll Magazine Issue #2 is a 5 stars Magazine!!!
• The Magazine Cover features Celine Boiron amazing Reborn baby doll made by Ellis sculpt by Tina Kewy.Celine's story starts on page 5.
• The main focus of the magazine is Reborn Art, Silicone Baby Dolls, OOAK's and Reborn doll Tutorials.
• Artists from worldwide like Silvia Ezquerra (Spain), Elena Kipriyanova (Russian), Bonnie Brown (Australia), Viviane Aleluia (Brazil),Silvana Regel (Brazil),Patricia Elame (Camaroon)among others, also are on the second issue of the magazine.
• There is a fantastic very detailed micro rooting Tutorial written by the very talented Brazilian Artist Larissa Versolato and another 3D hair painting tutorial by very talented Peruvian Artist Cinthya Agurto. Lots of pictures to work from too.
• The magazine is jammed packed with glorious pictures of so many reborn dolls and OOAK.
• *You can now buy bimonthly issues, totaling 6 issues per year.
• The magazine shows Artists from around the World, with 80 beautiful pages of news, trivia, tutorials, pictures and much more.

• This is a great magazine for the curious, Reborn Artists, Sculptors and Collectors.