White Versatile Shaped Sponge " Pack of THREE "


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This sponge can be used as is to achieve a beautiful blended appearance of the skin colours or you can pluck pieces out to get a mottled design in the sponge to produce a great mottling pattern for the skin.

It's a nice large size that covers a fair bit of skin so it lessens the work and maintains a great effect.

Approximately 60mm x 40mm.

It is Latex FREE so it is safe to use on silicone dolls as well.

Don't be afraid to cut away at this sponge to get your own special skin effects.

Sold singly or in packs of THREE for a discounted price.

I have it pictured here with some of my other sponges to show you the size comparison but you will receive just THREE of the white Versatile Shaped sponges for this purchase.

Always rinse your sponges when they are new and then squeeze out the excess water in a towel.