Unbrushed Mohair 30grams (1 Ounce) Golden Brown


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This is a natural Angora Fleece that has been washed and permanently dyed so it will be a little tangled but easy enough to use. This lot is on special deeply marked down as you have to pull it apart from the locks yourself. HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR MOHAIR: 1. Remove the mohair from the bag and gently unfold flat on a table. 2. Grab one of the pointy twisted ends firmly in one hand whilst holding the rest of the mohair under your other hand on the table. 3. Pull the lock straight out away from the rest of the mohair. 4. Continue pulling away locks only as you need them. The mohair intertwines at the ends as it is shawn from the goat. By gently unfolding first and pulling the pointy end only away from the rest, the hairs unwind themselves and come out as locks.If you pull from anywhere else it separates the locks . Gently unfold the bundles and find the pointy end of the lock. Pull each lock straight out from the pointy end only and away from the rest of the hair. I hope this helps. There is a knack to it. You can even root through a piece of what looks like matted hair , as it is just the barbs on the needle that picks up the hair. When you have finished hand rooting your dolls head and have seal it in with a waterproof glue, dampen the hair and give it a nice style cut to shape it into the head , then give the hair a wash with a good shampoo twice, just like you do with your own hair. Then gently rub some good quality conditioner through it and leave on for around 5-10 minutes before you rinse it out. I like Pantene. Then use a good quality no frizz product and gently rub that all through the hair. Style up in the desired fashion. If you want curly hair you just scrunch it up with your hands and leave it to dry. If you want it straight brush it down and leave a stockette on the head until it dries. The mohair that I sell here, if used with these instructions will turn out beautiful, soft, silky and shiny.

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