Head or Limb Plug Size 27mm


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These Plugs are used to fill in the hole at the end of
the limbs or the neck of the head.
You glue these plugs into the hole, and it keeps your stuffing secure.
Also, it makes the vinyl firmer right where the cable tie attaches, which
allows you to tighten the cable tie up tighter if you wish to.
You should keep the cable ties a little loose though so that the limb can
turn freely.
Measure the hole opening across to find out which size plug that you need for each limb or head.
Use a solvent based Glue to adhere into place.
This sale is for one plug only.

I also have available separately the Neck rings that are used to enable
the head to turn more easily once the head is connected to the cloth
To choose the right size for a neck ring, measure your dolls neck across the flat bottom part, outside edge to outside edge.
If any of these are hard to fit, just try heating the vinyl a little bit before fitting the plastics on.